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Again (taken from the about page), Side X Side Setters is not a puppy mill, commercial kennel, or backyard breeder. In pertaining to any breeding, this is a subject we don't take too lightly. It's the opinion here that studding dogs out to any registered female with a pulse does not do the breed any favors and as such any inquires are taken on a case by case basis. And on that note let me clarify, we're not at all pompous... just respectfully cautious for lack of a better term. If the prospective litter isn't one we'd personally want a pup from to campaign and hunt, whether we have room for another at the time or not, we may respectfully decline. Lately through our social media profiles we're seeing the popularity of the field line type of setters on the rise, while it's gratifying to see bird dog folks "coming into the light", I'd be lying if I said that it isn't with some concern as many if not most are deemed "family members" and as such emotion can often trump reason as it pertains to the reasons to breed a dog. Sentimental litters don't not do the breed any favors either.

The only time of the year we may have a litter planned or have pups available is, at the earliest- early November when the earliest breeding would take place, to at the VERY latest- mid June when 8 week old pups would be ready to go. The ideal time is for pups to be whelped in January or February so when mid September trial season starts the pups have an edge over their younger competition AND ALSO to start the hunting season more mature (particularly bomb proof- a.k.a. barrages of shotgun fire) and further along into their physical and mental development. So if your looking for a pup, be watchful between mid November and early April for any breeding announcements.


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