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One important note about our sponsors...

To be honest I watch very, very little outdoor "hunting" shows. The main reason being their transformation into 30 minute infomercials on show sponsors' products. The spirit of their pursuit being drown out by continual product plugs. Don't get me wrong, there are still some decent programs out there but they are the exception. I can appreciate the need to "keep the lights on" so to speak but I've tried to approach this site differently. The sponsors here are companies who's products I've been using long before I even started this site. I've approached them because I firmly beleive in their product, and have been recommending them before they ever came on here as sponsors. Their sponsorship here is a testament to their quality.


With that said, we're are very proud and humbled to be supported in part by:


Classic Shotshell Co. Inc. RST-

I'd originally tried RST shells after I acquired an older, near turn of the century double with 2-9/16" chambers. I was so impressed by their reduced recoil yet unhindered "swat" power that I switched over and quickly found a pet load for every shotgun here, both vintage and modern shotguns. The load I use the most is their (12 bore) 2-1/2" 1oz. Spreaders in 8-shot. I've shot grouse, pheasant and woodcock with this particular load as have had a very high rate of success.


Garmin Tri-Tronics -

The Sport PRO, it replaced the Sport Basic that had been Tri-Tronics' best seller for years. Garmin revamped it and added some great new features for just $10 more. This is the best bird dog unit out there.


Easy-Loader Dog Kennels-

What I love about these boxes is their durability and longevity in spite of sitting out in all the elements through out the course of a year. AND after years of exposure, they still look as good as new in the house and notlike some old beat up kennel that's seen better days. We've put them through their paces and they're still looking good. The Deuce model is what we prefer for maximum utility for any vehicle with a liftgate or tailgate as well as indoors. When paired with their cold weather panels, we're equipped to concur the world.


Mud River Dog Products-

One product, the kennel/crate pads... nothing more needs said.


Conservation Organizations Side X Side Setters Supports:

Ruffed Grouse Society -

No other organization on earth does more for, or has the best interests of expanding ruffed grouse habitat and hunting opportunities like RGS. Not only for grouse, their work benefits all forest dwelling wildlife!


American Woodcock Society -

A branch of RGS initiated to expand forest habitat efforts and upland hunting opportunities to new landscapes across the nation, particularly American Woodcock. If you enjoy pursuing these birds as much as we do, join today and help make a difference!



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